Michael P. Haymans offers seasoned legal counsel in a general practice setting in the historic district of downtown Punt Gorda. His experience spans the range of legal services for individual, corporate, and community clients. Nearly three decades of service and experience make him a trusted counselor and advocate. Able to provide the service or to recommend other specialized professional services, Michael Haymans also serves as a gatekeeper. Read More


As a longstanding and trusted force in the community, Punta Gorda finds Haymans both onstage and behind scenes at local cultural events. Read More

Building a Zoo

Informative and thought provoking commentary every Thursday from 11:05 a.m. to 11:35 a.m. on 1580 AM, WCCF Radio Read More

Practice Areas

  • Real Estate:
    • Land Use Law
    • Environmental Law
    • Permitting
    • Development
    • Compliance
  • Administrative Law
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